1. Surveyors plot plan showing lot dimensions and shape, including set backs or map showing Your Lot
and the Dimensions & Shape and an idea of how large you would like your project. If addition your will
need plot plan will also have to have existing dwelling placed on it as well and show set backs

note: most counties will not accept a survey that is greater than 3 years old

2. A Sketch, or Floor Plan or Photo's of all 4 sides of a house that you like, and/or notes as to
what you would like to have in your new home, or a plan that you like, but want to modify.

3. Magazine clips of different design ideas that you would like to incorporate into your home.

4. If you have already chosen a Contractor it would be a good idea to include him in this process.

5. A good idea of the style of house you would like. ie. Key West, Typical Florida, Southern Colonial,

What I Need from You to Draw Your Plans:
plan to modify
survey for new home, for addition survey
must show existing dwelling w/ setbacks